Corporate Partnerships

Our Towns Habitat for Humanity offers a unique opportunity to practice corporate citizenship and philanthropy through financial contributions to our affordable housing programs and hands-on volunteer engagement by employees.

Why Shelter?

Through shelter, we empower. Research shows that decent, affordable housing impacts all areas of our individual lives and our communities. It improves health and educational outcomes, provides security and stability for families and children, increases economic opportunities and supports stronger communities. Our Towns Habitat’s homeownership program is a permanent solution to the problem of affordable housing. We don’t serve families; we partner with them—and with you—to help them build their own, affordable home.

Volunteers AON

Corporate Sponsorships

We will work with businesses and corporations of all sizes to create meaningful partnerships that help build stronger communities through decent, affordable shelter. Opportunities include:

  • Full or Partial Home Sponsorships
  • Build Day Sponsorships
  • Event Sponsorships
  • Product Donations

Teambuilding Through Service

Thousands of volunteers give 50,000+ hours every year helping Our Towns Habitat build affordable housing—a gift of their time valued at more than $1 million. Without volunteer service, we could not build homes. Working as a team to build a Habitat home is a rewarding and morale-boosting experience that will teach your team a different way to work together toward a goal.