Staff, Board Members Get Their Hands Dirty

Our Towns Habitat Staff Build Day

It took a lot of sweat – and only a little blood – for Habitat for Humanity staff and board members to experience what building a home is like on Thursday. They joined some of Habitat’s weekday crew of volunteers in framing and roof sheathing at 152 Burke Circle in Mooresville.
Our Towns Habitat team members agree that it’s important for them to have the same kind of hands-on experience that regular volunteers get on build sites.

“It allows us to see what our efforts in the office are for,” Grant Project Administrator Sabrina Pinkston said. “Later, you can point to a [finished] house and say that you helped build it.”

Board Vice President Maxine Hargus appreciates that this experience allows staff to play a new role – one that doesn’t involve sitting in meetings. And she encourages everyone not only to be present, but to actively participate in the building process.

“It’s not just about showing your face,” Hargus said. “It’s all about hands-on.”

Taking the morning off to work on a build site benefits Habitat employees for other reasons, too. Volunteer Program Manager Cathy Petriano notes that it’s both an eye-opening and good team-building experience.

“It’s good for staff to see the process of what it takes to build a home,” Petriano said. “And you can get to know your co-workers.”

When staff members get a chance to build together, they better understand the work that goes into building a home and can further appreciate what volunteers do for our organization–especially once the soreness sets in!

About The Author: Madison Seals is a rising sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she is majoring in Editing and Graphic Design. She has been a volunteer with Our Towns Habitat for Humanity from a young age, supporting the organization through fundraising efforts before she was even old enough to volunteer on a build site.