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Eliminate the Digital Divide

E2D is a nonprofit organization that works to ensure students have the at-home technology they need to be successful in school and beyond. Our Towns Habitat and E2D have partnered since 2018 to present a laptop computer to families who have school-aged children in the home at the time of their new home dedication.

Mitchell Community College Workforce Development Program

With the ever-increasing need for skilled tradespeople in our area, Our Towns Habitat for Humanity is excited to partner with Mitchell Community College and the Iredell Community Foundation on this hands-on learning opportunity.  This collaboration pairs the expertise of Gibson Electric and Mitchell Community College students’ eagerness to learn the electrical trade to benefit the community through work on new Habitat for Humanity homes, starting with the Fall 2019 academic year. 

Hope to Home

Sometimes a family working to achieve a more sustainable housing solution needs a decent place to live while on that path. Hope to Home is a collaborative effort by Our Towns Habitat, The Ada Jenkins Center and the Hope House Foundation to provide lasting solutions to housing instability through education, supportive services and in some cases, transitional housing.

For more information, contact: Lareka Knox 704-896-8957, ext. 106

An Important Update

Habitat for Humanity of the Charlotte Region response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)