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Women Build

What is Women Build?

Women Build empowers women to proactively serve their communities, working together to build strength, stability and self-reliance, through affordable housing.

Our Towns Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build team completed construction on its 10th home early this year. Construction on the 11th Women Build home, sponsored by Lowe’s, begins in June. This build will provide approximately 180 volunteer opportunities over the course of 11 Saturdays for women interested in working on the construction site.

Why Women Build?

Women and children are most likely to be affected by poor living conditions; by working together, we can build permanent solutions to the affordable housing needs in our own community.

Women Build is a positive environment where women can come together to learn the skills needed to build a home, or put the skills they already have to use as they build affordable homes and train other women. Women Build is empowering, as well as a wonderful way to create new relationships with other women and strengthen existing ones.

Who can be part of Women Build?

Volunteers age 16 and older are welcome. No previous construction experience is necessary. Women Build volunteer opportunities are a great time to sign up for your first Habitat build, perhaps with a daughter, sister, aunt or niece!

And yes, men are welcome. In fact, on some Women Builds, the future homeowner or part of the training staff may be men. Women Build provides a place for women to learn the skills needed to build a home, but that does not exclude men from participating.

How do I get involved?

Our next Women Build home is starting soon! Click here to sign up for volunteer dates!

August 10 – Roof Sheathing

August 17 – Shingle Roof

September 7 – Vinyl Siding

September 21 – Paint Walls

September 16 – Flooring

October 3 – Interior Trim

October 3 – Paint Interior Trim

October 19 – Interior Hardware

October 26 – Landscaping

To learn more about what to expect from a Habitat build experience, visit the Construction Volunteer section of our website. Fundraising for the 12th Women Build home is already underway, so please consider a donation today.

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