ReStore DIY Tips

This DIY Upcycle blog post is contributed by Andrea Hartley, Our Towns ReStore volunteer, mom, artist and all-purpose repurposer. Andrea is Vendor #35 at Rumor Mill Market Davidson, N.C.

Have you ever noticed the mysterious little blue tags on items that read “Procurement” while shopping at our Mooresville or Cornelius ReStores? Or perhaps, you are looking for some DIY re-purposing ideas for these wonder items, filled with untapped design potential? You are in luck because the mystery of the blue tag is to be revealed in this Before and After DIY featuring “Procured Products.”

Meet Don Oaks, Procurement Specialist for Our Towns Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores. Don is the in-the-field liaison for local brick and mortar businesses and organizations donating merchandise to the Our Towns ReStore locations.

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Alternative Gift Guide

The benefit delivered to families that partner with Habitat for Humanity is very real.
  $10  Box of Nails   
  $35 Roof Shingles   
  $50  Low Flow Toilet   
  $75  Window   
  $100  Kitchen Sink   
  $150  Front Door   
  $500 Sliding  
  $1000  Wallboard   
  $2000  Flooring