Habitat News

Dedicating a new home is such a joyous event that we tend to forget about the uphill journey it takes our homeowners to reach this point. From the point a homeowner, like Shanrhonda, applies for our program until the day that we hand over the keys usually takes two years.

During those two years, our homeowners attend financial education classes, learn how to maintain their home, work in the office or ReStore, help build houses for other Habitat homeowners and then, finally, the finish line comes in sight when they are able to start building their very own home.

Davidson United Methodist Church is one of Our Towns Habitat for Humanity's most loyal partners. This year, the church is sponsoring its 19th home with Our Towns. Through financial support and committed volunteer labor, church members have changed the lives of 19 families, as together they build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter! DUMC volunteers started working on their newest Habitat home this March, on the church's Day of Caring. About two dozen volunteers came together to frame the walls that will become a home for Jessica, Max and their six children. Follow the link below to see a photo album of this exciting day, when a home really starts to take shape.

Our Towns Habitat is partnering with Thrivent Financial Services and the local faith community to build three new homes before the end of the year. Thrivent is awarding a grant of $75,000 to co-sponsor construction of new homes in Cornelius, Mooresville and Statesville.

As a faith-based financial planning company, Thrivent has a strong focus on service and a long partnership with Habitat. Thrivent is partnering with Habitat affiliates nationwide through the Thrivent Builds program. Thrivent’s grant will be matched with funds pledged by local congregations representing diverse denominations and faiths.

Alternative Gift Guide

The benefit delivered to families that partner with Habitat for Humanity is very real.
  $10  Box of Nails   
  $35 Roof Shingles   
  $50  Low Flow Toilet   
  $75  Window   
  $100  Kitchen Sink   
  $150  Front Door   
  $500 Sliding  
  $1000  Wallboard   
  $2000  Flooring