Library Programs Teach Children to ‘Learn & Build’

Learn and Build

Part of our mission here at Our Towns Habitat is education—about what we do, the need and how people can help—and we believe in planting the seeds young! Our summer children’s program at public libraries allows children in our community to “Learn and Build” with Habitat.

Through our Learn and Build program, we have traveled to five different libraries and worked with more than 70 children ages 3 to 14. Lowe’s Home Improvement generously donates wood kits for these programs, which children use to build one of several projects including bird feeders, planters and tic-tac-toe boards.

Youth who attend this program have the opportunity to try their hand at “construction” using real hammers and nails (and of course safety glasses!) to build something tangible to take home. The program aims to teach children about Habitat, our mission and what we do, and to teach some very basic construction skills.

While the program is about teaching, it is also about empowering the children by showing them that they too can build something, despite being young. The program shows them that they have the ability to use tools and make something–an ability that they might not have known they had before. This is much the same way that Habitat empowers families to build their own homes and a better future.

Through the “Learn & Grow” program, Our Towns Habitat widens the reach and impact of our values and our mission. We hope to promote growth, empowerment and a desire to help in the community that will stay with participating children into their adult lives.