Frequently Asked Questions About Our Programs

How many homes does Our Towns Habitat build each year?

We build, on average, 15 homes per year. This fiscal year, Our Towns Habitat plans to build 15 homes and complete 30 critical repairs. Weekday crew members work on build sites in our Habitat neighborhoods from Tuesday through Thursday many weeks of the year, and volunteer builds happen most Saturdays as well.

Where does Our Towns Habitat for Humanity build?

We build homes in Statesville, Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelius and Huntersville; our current projects are in Mooresville, Statesville and Cornelius.

Are Habitat homes free?

No.  Approved applicants will pay an affordable mortgage through Our Towns Habitat.

Do Habitat homes require a down payment?

Yes.  We require future Habitat homeowners to pay a 1–3% down payment on their home.

What is “sweat equity?”

The physical labor that future homeowners must put into building their home, volunteering in the ReStore(s) or in the main office, taking homeowner education classes, etc.

Do I have to have perfect credit to apply to become a Habitat homeowner?

No.  Free credit counseling is available for applicants.

How do I apply to become a Habitat homeowner?

The first step to buying a Habitat home is to attend an information session to get acquainted with the program. If you are unable to attend one of our sessions, call the main office at (704) 896-8957 to schedule an individual appointment.

How long will it take to complete the homeownership program?

18–24 months.

What is the mortgage payment of a Habitat home?

Monthly mortgage varies depending on the cost of each individual home. Currently, the average monthly payment for new homebuyers is estimated to be between $400 and $650.

What is included in a homeowner’s monthly mortgage payment?

  • Principal Payment (payment on balance of the loan)
  • Property Tax
  • Homeowner Insurance Premiums
  • May also include an HOA (Homeowners Association) fee

How much money do Habitat homeowners save?

On average, $425–$804 per month based on fair market rents as identified by the HUD (U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development).

Do I have to have children to qualify for a Habitat home?

No.  Anyone who meets our 3 criteria (in need of housing, able to pay and willing to partner with us) may qualify.

Can I ever sell my Habitat home?

Yes.  However, Habitat has the right of first refusal, meaning the seller must ask if Habitat wishes to purchase the home. If Habitat does not purchase the home, it can be put on the open market. Some homes may have a second mortgage that must be paid off once the home is sold.

Does Habitat charge a late fee on mortgage payments?

Yes, there is a late fee if your payment is not received by the due date. If delinquency continues, your account may be referred to an attorney.

What happens if my application is denied?

If applicants do not meet Our Towns Habitat for Humanity’s criteria and are not accepted into the program, they will receive a letter with the reason and a referral to other resources, if applicable. There is no limit to how many times an individual can apply for a Habitat home; we encourage applicants to reapply when their situation changes.