Habitat Experience Inspires Alex to Give Back

Alex gets the keys to her new Habitat home!

When Alex was growing up, she spent her whole childhood in the same house. From that experience, she knew the importance of stability, and she wanted to provide that same sense of stability to her daughter Calynn,7, and son Carsyn, 5.

She also knew she was wasting her money on rent, and dreamed of one day owning a home. But until her friend Sierra, who owns a Habitat home across the street, encouraged her to attend an information session at Our Towns Habitat, that dream seemed very distant.

Today, as we dedicate the new home she helped build, that dream is not distant—it’s here.

There are a lot of things about this new home that excite Alex—being able to paint the walls however she likes, decorate however she likes, and just having something she can call her own.

But she is most excited about watching her children grow up here, in a quiet, safe neighborhood, where they can take evening walks together.

Alex’s experience partnering with Our Towns Habitat, working alongside volunteers, has inspired her to continue volunteering with Our Towns. She hopes to spend many Saturdays helping build homes for her new neighbors to come in Burke Circle.

Her big dream, though, is to travel on one of our Global Village programs to Guatemala, and help build affordable housing solutions there.

“I enjoyed seeing how people, who could be doing anything with their Saturday, would come out and help,” Alex told us. “I know there are still good people out here who want to help.”

At Our Towns Habitat, we are also amazed every day as we see how people, working together to share God’s love, can build homes, communities and hope.