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make an impact

However you choose to support Our Towns Habitat, you are making an impact on families that will last for generations. Thank you for your commitment!

ways to give


Our Towns Habitat appreciates donations of buildable land.  There are several factors that Our Towns Habitat must consider before accepting land donations, including location (the land must be in Our Towns Habitat’s general service area), access to services (such as water and public transportation), zoning (the area must be located on land designated for housing) and more.

Please email or call (704) 896-8957, ext. 110 if you would like to discuss donating land to Our Towns Habitat.

Construction Items

You can support our new home construction program through donation of building materials, subcontractor services and construction tools and supplies.

Building Materials

We partner with many businesses who help offset our new home construction costs by donating new building materials. Because our homes are built to stringent quality and energy-efficiency standards, we are generally unable to use one-time donations of building supplies from an individual. Our ongoing home construction needs are best served by businesses who are willing to provide specific materials that meet our requirements on a regular basis. For example, a company might agree to furnish vinyl siding for a set number of homes per year. If you believe your business may be interested in helping this way, please email in our Construction Department or call (704) 896-8957, ext. 112.

If you are an individual interested in making a one-time donation of building materials to Our Towns Habitat (for example, excess tile from a flooring project at your home), we encourage you to donate them to our ReStores, where they can be resold and the profits directed to our affordable housing programs. Businesses that have overstock of building materials that cannot be used in our homes may also want to consider donating to our ReStores.

Subcontractor Services

Our homes are built primarily with volunteer labor, but we do subcontract some professional services, including plumbing, electrical and HVAC. We welcome professional subcontractors who are willing to donate their services. Please email in our Construction Department or call (704) 896-8957, ext. 112 if you would like to donate subcontractor services.

Other Helpful Donations

Other items that we can use include power tools, such as rechargeable drills, safety glasses, aluminum pump jacks and safety harnesses. We can also use heavy duty trucks in good working order.

Please email in our Construction Department or call (704) 896-8957, ext. 112 if you would like to discuss donating building materials, professional services or other construction supplies to Our Towns Habitat.

Other items

If you’d like to donate office items or other non-construction related items or services to Our Towns Habitat, please contact our main office at (704) 896-8957. If you are interested in donating to our ReStores, please review our list of Acceptable ReStore Donations.

Tributes & Memorials

A gift to Our Towns Habitat for Humanity can be a lasting, impactful way to memorialize a loved one, to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, or just to say thank you.


Make a gift online today, and choose from a variety of e-greetings to notify your recipient about this special gift. Your donation will provide building materials, supplies and support for families in need of decent, affordable housing.

Card designs are available in a variety of themes—holiday, birthday, thank you and all occasion. Simply complete your donation using our secure online form, select your greeting of choice (use the caption name that appears when you mouse over an image), and then enter the recipient information and your personal message.

Make A Donation

Leave A Legacy

Including Our Towns Habitat for Humanity in your will or estate giving can create a lasting impact on affordable housing in our community. Planned gifts can also have tax benefits for your heirs. Your estate planning attorney can talk to you about the variety of tools available to make a planned charitable contribution.

One simple way to make a planned gift is through a charitable bequest in your will. You may designate specific assets, such as land, real estate or vehicles, a specific dollar amount, or a percentage of the estate assets. Another way to make a planned gift is by leaving a percentage of life insurance policies, IRAs or investment accounts to Our Towns Habitat for Humanity. Your insurance agent, bank or investment advisor can assist you in completing a beneficiary form to designate benefits that should be directed to Our Towns Habitat.

While we are not able to provide tax or legal advice for your specific financial situation, we are happy to direct you to planned giving experts who can help you consider the best options for you and your family. Please contact our offices at 704-896-8957 to learn more or complete the form below.

Donation Inquiry Form

An Important Update

Habitat for Humanity of the Charlotte Region response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)