Help Our Carolina Neighbors Rebuild

In the wake of Hurricanes Florence and Michael, thousands of Carolinians have been displaced from their homes and face an uphill battle to rebuild a life that resembles normalcy. These unfortunate circumstances give us all a chance to show what being a neighbor truly means.  We can (and will) rebuild. Join Our Towns Habitat for Humanity as we help our neighbors all over the Carolinas recover from these two devastating storms during the coming weeks and months.

Donate to recovery efforts through using the form below. Donations will be used to respond to Hurricanes Florence and Michael until Habitat for Humanity International’s role in meeting the need is met, at which time funds will be used for Habitat’s disaster response efforts where most needed.

Donate to Hurricane Recovery Efforts

  • Disaster relief donations will support Habitat for Humanity International's response to the immediate shelter needs of Hurricanes Florence and Michael. Once the need is met, funds will be used for Habitat's disaster response efforts where most needed.
  • Consider also supporting long-term affordable housing solutions in the greater Lake Norman area with an additional $10 gift to Our Towns Habitat for Humanity.
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