Tithe support builds new home for Ingrid & family

Tithe is a foundational principle of Habitat for Humanity, based on our biblical roots as an ecumenical Christian ministry, with the recognition that our blessings flow from God. Every local Habitat affiliate in the U.S. is asked to tithe 10% of undesignated contributions to an international affiliate. Our Towns Habitat for Humanity has chosen Habitat Guatemala as its tithe partner. Occasionally, we will share stories of the work Habitat Guatemala is doing with those tithe funds.

Recently married, Ingrid and Adolfo applied to build a home with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala to have their own space for their family, including their new baby girl, Victoria. They were familiar with Habitat because Ingrid’s mother built her own Habitat home several years ago.

“I am happy and grateful that we have our own home and our own space as a family,” Ingrid said. The family was able to move into their new home last November.

Soon after Ingrid and Adolfo moved in, Ingrid’s brother, Manolo, moved into the home with his wife Jennifer and their daughter Adonia. Now, the two families share the home together—the babies have their own room and there is plenty of room to relax, cook and eat.

This story is shared by Habitat for Humanity Guatemala. To read more about Ingrid, or learn more about Habitat Guatemala, please visit habitatguate.org.