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Cost-saving ReStore salvage program gets a reboot

Our Towns Habitat for Humanity is bringing back a popular program that can help local homeowners save on renovation projects, while also funding affordable housing programs in North Mecklenburg and Iredell counties.

The salvage program saves homeowners on demolition costs associated with most remodels, by sending deconstruction professionals to carefully extract and remove cabinets, countertops, sinks, toilets and more. These services are offered at no cost to homeowners, who agree to donate all items removed for resale in local Habitat ReStores.

“Many homeowners end up paying a contractor to come in with a sledge hammer and destroy usable fixtures, which end up filling up our landfills, but the salvage program offers an alternative,” said Jamie Jenkins, the new Salvage Manager. “This way, you save money, you help the environment and you help build affordable homes.”

All owners of property in the Our Towns Habitat service area (North Mecklenburg and Iredell counties) are eligible to take advantage of this free service. Service will officially begin July 1, but property owners may begin submitting service requests now, online or by calling 704-896-8957, ext. 204.

Donations received through salvage are resold in the Mooresville, Cornelius and Statesville Habitat ReStores. Much of the cabinetry obtained through salvage is funneled to the Mooresville location, which as the most retail floor space. All Habitat ReStores are open to the public, reselling gently used and new household items and building supplies, at a fraction of retail prices. All proceeds support Our Towns Habitat’s affordable housing program.

The salvage program was put on hold last year, due to staffing changes and planning requirements to open a new Statesville ReStore location. Director of ReStores Dawn Bumgarner said it has been a priority to revive the program, given its ability to generate revenue and its popularity with both homeowners and shoppers.

“Salvage is a great way to support Habitat mission, and it provides a no-cost alternative to demolition, so it really is a win-win for everyone involved,” Bumgarner said.

Habitat ReStore opening in Statesville April 13

If you’ve been anxiously waiting for our new Habitat ReStore in Statesville to open, we have good news—your wait is almost over! Our Grand Opening date has officially been set for April 13. We hope you’ll join us for the celebration!

A ribbon cutting ceremony at 9 a.m. will mark the store’s official opening to the public. But, VIP Club cardholders will get a chance to “sneak” in early, during a VIP preview hour from 8-9 a.m.

Our VIP Club offers customers a 5% discount every day on most items, plus 10% off on the first Tuesday of every month, for a one-time membership fee of $5. As a thank you to the community of Statesville, the first 100 shoppers to visit during our Grand Opening will receive a FREE VIP membership. This offer is valid only for non-VIP cardholders, with a limit of one card for adult shopper. No purchase is necessary.

Also throughout the day of the Grand Opening, we’ll be giving away customer appreciation door prizes, including upcycled ReStore merchandise, creatively designed by ReStore volunteers.

The new Statesville ReStore is located at 1885 E. Broad Street, next to Planet Fitness in the Bi-Lo shopping center, offering new and gently used furniture, appliances, home décor and home improvement items. Store proceeds benefit Our Towns Habitat for Humanity’s affordable housing programs in Iredell and North Mecklenburg counties, including home ownership and critical repairs.

Hours will be Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Donations may be dropped off during those same hours after store opening. Prior to opening, donations may be dropped off beginning April 2, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. We ask customers to please respect the other tenants in the shopping plaza by not making drop offs after hours.

Volunteers are needed to help set up and merchandise the store prior to opening, as well as to help with store operations after opening. Interested volunteers can complete our online inquiry form to learn more.

A sneak peak at the new Statesville ReStore

Several Our Towns Habitat staff recently toured the new Statesville ReStore and office space to get a look at renovation progress, so we took some photos to give you a bit of a sneak peak too!

Our new space will feature an 8,000-square foot sales floor, along with 5,000 square feet of warehouse and office space. The store will also have separate areas for donation drop off and pickup of large purchases, making it easier for donors and customers to get in and out quickly.

The office space will allow Our Towns Habitat to better serve homeowner and repair clients in the Statesville area, with office hours 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. A conference room will provide space for board, committee and other meetings. Our Cornelius office location will continue to be open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

The new Statesville ReStore and Our Towns Habitat offices are located in the B-Lo shopping center at 1893 E. Broad Street, next to Planet Fitness. The store is expected to open in early spring.

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We’re tearing things down to bring Statesville ReStore to life

In construction, as in life, we sometimes have to tear down the old before we can build something better. That is the case with the renovations that will bring the new Statesville ReStore to life, and we can honestly say, we’ve never been more excited to tear things down!

After delays in getting the proper permits, construction work at the store’s new site is finally underway—and by construction, we actually mean demolition! Crews completed demo of the old electrical and plumbing this week, which sets the stage for construction of customer bathrooms that are being added to the space. New doors are in the process of fabrication.

Next week, builders expect to frame new walls and ceiling components, as well as rough in the electrical and plumbing elements. For those of us who are not well-versed in construction jargon, this means the components are laid out, without making the final connections made.

With the updated project timeline, we are now anticipating opening the first week of March. As work progresses, we will announce a grand opening date. Watch for continued updates on our progress, including photos!

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Statesville ReStore opening next year

We know that many of our Statesville supporters have been anxiously awaiting the opening of our new Habitat ReStore in Statesville–and we are too!

The original target date to open the store was early this month. However, due to delays with the property being vacated and securing permits, we now anticipate opening in early February—stay tuned for information soon on our grand opening plans.

In preparation for the store’s opening, we continue to recruit volunteers to help run the store, as well as donations for the store’s initial inventory. Some of our volunteer needs include manning the donation drop-off area, sorting and pricing items, merchandise display on the sales floor and managing the book section.

Donation of new and gently used household items are welcome—review our list of acceptable items to learn what donations we are able to accept and resell. To schedule a pickup of donation items, please use our online form or call 704-896-8957, ext. 204. If your organization or neighborhood would like to host a “Stuff the Truck” donation drive, please email Director of ReStore Operations Dawn Bumgarner.

Habitat ReStores to the rescue for last-minute gifts

Time is running short and your Christmas shopping budget is nearly depleted. But there are still names left on your list! Who you gonna call? The Habitat ReStores, of course!

There is no shortage of creative gift ideas at the ReStores for any budget. Every shopping trip is a treasure hunt, and you’ll never know what you might find. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Rare Books

[av_horizontal_gallery ids=’2674,2675′ height=’25’ size=’gallery’ links=’active’ gap=’large’ active=’enlarge’ initial=” control_layout=’av-control-default’ custom_class=” av_uid=’av-92pgk1′]

From Tolkein to Shakespeare, you will find a wonderful selection of rare and collectible books in our rare books display cases.

Ceramic pieces

[av_horizontal_gallery ids=’2677,2678,2679,2680′ height=’25’ size=’gallery’ links=’active’ gap=’large’ active=’enlarge’ initial=” control_layout=’av-control-default’ custom_class=” av_uid=’av-77z72p’]

You don’t have to drive to Seagrove to find handmade pottery—stop in and see some of the unique ceramic pieces that find their way to the ReStores.

Home Décor/Art

[av_horizontal_gallery ids=’2687,2686,2685,2683,2682,2688′ height=’25’ size=’gallery’ links=’active’ gap=’large’ active=’enlarge’ initial=” control_layout=’av-control-default’ custom_class=” av_uid=’av-5wvt4h’]

From our inventory of framed prints to one-of-a-kind decorative pieces, you’ll find the right gifts to turn a house into a home.


[av_horizontal_gallery ids=’2698,2699,2696,2689′ height=’25’ size=’gallery’ links=’active’ gap=’large’ active=’enlarge’ initial=” control_layout=’av-control-default’ custom_class=” av_uid=’av-4bsrn5′]

For the fashionista in your life, explore our selection of costume jewelry, with lots of funky and even handmade items.

Sporting Goods/Exercise Equipment

[av_horizontal_gallery ids=’2695,2694,2697′ height=’25’ size=’gallery’ links=’active’ gap=’large’ active=’enlarge’ initial=” control_layout=’av-control-default’ custom_class=” av_uid=’av-2qnl01′]

Did you know the ReStores carry sporting goods too? Tennis rackets, golf clubs, even inline skates might await you! If you know someone who has made getting in shape their New Year’s goal, then a treadmill or elliptical might be the way to go.

Stop by our Mooresville or Cornelius ReStore locations today to find that perfect gift–both stores will be open through Friday, Dec. 22, and will close for the Christmas holiday Saturday, Dec. 23-Monday, Dec. 25.

Please note, all photos are representative only, as ReStore inventories change daily depending on donations received.

Black Friday Meets Flash Sale Friday at the ReStores

A few months ago, our Habitat ReStores launched the wildly popular “Flash Sale Friday,” with super savings on the last Friday of the month–but we don’t announce the deals until the night before.

In two days, Flash Sale Friday and Black Friday are colliding in a spectacular way–you’ll definitely want to put the ReStores on your “can’t miss” list of Black Friday stops. Discounts are valid at Cornelius and Mooresville Habitat ReStores through Saturday, Nov. 25, but we advise shopping early for the best #ReStoreFinds!

Save two ways:

Take 20% off purchased product

This is a never before seen discount in our ReStores, and includes our new Christmas trees and laminate flooring. While most of our inventory is donated, we do make some special purchases of closeouts and excess inventory. Due to limited profit margins, these items are rarely discounted. All purchased product is marked with a green tag.

Take 30% off all regular merchandise

Includes our brand new electric fireplaces and woodstoves. Excludes collectible items (marked with a white tag).

Take a look at the wide selection of merchandise currently available in our Cornelius and Mooresville ReStores in the galleries below. This represents a sampling of merchandise in stores the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 22–these items may not be available Friday, but we are always moving new merchandise out onto the floor!

Sample Cornelius Merchandise

[av_horizontal_gallery ids=’2464,2453,2466,2473,2455,2465,2454,2467,2468,2470,2469,2474,2471,2463,2475,2457,2451,2459,2460,2456,2461,2462,2458,2452,2476,2477′ height=’25’ size=’large’ links=’active’ gap=’large’ active=’enlarge’ initial=” control_layout=’av-control-default’ custom_class=” av_uid=’av-49x8wu’]

Sample Mooresville Merchandise

[av_horizontal_gallery ids=’2479,2480,2481,2482,2483,2484,2485,2486,2487,2488,2489,2490,2491,2492,2493,2494,2495,2496,2497,2498,2499,2500,2501,2502,2503,2504,2505,2506,2507′ height=’25’ size=’large’ links=’active’ gap=’large’ active=’enlarge’ initial=” control_layout=’av-control-default’ custom_class=” av_uid=’av-312vmm’]

Interested in Volunteering? Join Us for an Open House

As part of our celebration of #GivingTuesday, a global movement of giving and service, Our Towns Habitat for Humanity is hosting a series of volunteer open house events Tuesday, Nov. 28.

These events offer anyone who is curious about volunteering with Habitat–whether on the build site or in our ReStores–a chance to learn about what to expect when you volunteer, meet Habitat staff and fellow volunteers, see some “behind-the-scenes” volunteer action, and ask any and all questions you might have.

Open house events will take place at our Burke Crossings neighborhood in Mooresville for construction volunteers, and at our Cornelius and Mooresville ReStores. While our Statesville ReStore is not yet open, we will offer an information meeting at First Presbyterian Church for those interested in volunteering there. Use the links below for more information.

Open House Event Information

[av_upcoming_events categories=’19’ items=’4′ paginate=’no’ custom_class=” av_uid=’av-22fnut’]

Let the work begin!

Renovations to the retail space that will house the new Habitat ReStore in Statesville are finally underway!

The new ReStore will be located at 1893 E. Broad Street, next to Planet Fitness in the Bi-Lo shopping plaza. Our Towns Habitat for Humanity staff are already hard at work painting the walls, with more significant renovations to begin next week. Next steps will include installing new floors and overhead lights, installing restroom facilities, constructing new interior walls, assembling merchandise fixtures, and setting up cashier stations and merchandise displays.

Volunteers will be needed throughout the renovation process and once the store opens. We anticipate volunteer opportunities for both individuals and groups. To learn more about volunteering call 704-996-4477.

Donations of new or gently used household items–appliances, furniture, home decor, exercise equipment and more–are already being accepted for the store. Visit our ReStore Donation page to learn what donations we can accept and schedule a pick-up, or visit one of our “Stuff the Truck” events every Sunday in October.

Help us ReStart the ReStore in Statesville!

Through the month of October, Our Towns Habitat for Humanity is inviting the community to “Restart the ReStore” for its newest Statesville location with weekly “Stuff the Truck” events.

Each Sunday from 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., donors will have the opportunity to bring new and gently-used household items to one of the following Statesville drop-off events and receive a special thank you gift and tax receipt:

• October 1, First Presbyterian Church located at 125 N. Meeting Street.
• October 8, Covenant ARP Church located at 120 N Greenbriar Road.
• October 15, Broad Street United Methodist located at 315 W Broad Street.
• October 22, Fairview Baptist Church located at 349 Turnersburg Highway.
• October 29, Grace Baptist Church located at 719 Club Drive.

The ReStore accept a wide variety of new and gently-used household items. Please review our list of acceptable donations. Free pickup is available for larger items. Pick-ups may be scheduled using our online form or calling (704) 896-8957, ext. 204.

In addition to donated items, the Statesville ReStore, located at 1893 E. Broad Street, is looking for volunteers. Volunteers are needed to set up the new store and once the store is open, assist with donation drop-offs, sorting and pricing merchandise, stocking and staging merchandise, sorting and shelving books and assisting administration. For more information on volunteering call (704) 996-4477.

Habitat ReStores support affordable housing by reselling donated new and gently used items to the public, with all proceeds benefitting Our Towns Habitat’s homeownership and critical repair programs.

Opening in Winter 2017, the new Statesville ReStore, located in the Bi-Lo shopping center, will also house a conference room and office space, allowing Our Towns Habitat to have a fixed physical presence in Statesville. While its administrative offices are located in Cornelius, the affiliate serves all of North Mecklenburg and Iredell Counties.

Our Towns Habitat + Habitat Charlotte

Growing strong together & creating a more powerful force for affordable housing.