Critical Repair client James F. Litchfield, Mooresville

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Habitat for Humanity and AmeriCorps (volunteers) did wonderful work in the critical repair of my bathroom...

Their courtesy and professionalism are very appreciated, and their warmth and compassion in regards to my home, myself and my pets have been a true Godsend. The entire crew of saints who came punctually to my house every morning, earned my admiration and respect. The entire crew of miracle-givers repaired the entire bathroom from an early 1920s house and renovated it using modern construction techniques and equipment, and have made my home suitable for my family and brought it into the 21st century. God Bless you all!

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Alternative Gift Guide

The benefit delivered to families that partner with Habitat for Humanity is very real.
  $10  Box of Nails   
  $35 Roof Shingles   
  $50  Low Flow Toilet   
  $75  Window   
  $100  Kitchen Sink   
  $150  Front Door   
  $500 Sliding  
  $1000  Wallboard   
  $2000  Flooring