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April 15, 2019

Lake Norman’s best cheesecake adds up to funds for housing

Rowboat Dock & Dredge, led by chef Greg Harrison, took the dessert crown on behalf of Our Towns Habitat for Humanity at the second annual “Lake Norman Men That Cook” event, with his now (locally at least) famous turtle cheesecake. Greg’s skills in the kitchen also raised $2,100 to support Our Towns Habitat’s affordable housing programs.

The event, organized by Huntersville Happy Hour Rotary Club, attracted nearly 600 people and raised $25,000 to support 17 local nonprofit organizations. Local businesses fielded all-male cooking teams to prepare and serve samples of their signature dishes in a friendly competition, on behalf of the team’s chosen organization. Votes for the best dishes added up to dollars for the designated nonprofit.

Rowboat Dock & Dredge won both the judge’s and people’s choice votes for the dessert category, and came in second overall.

Greg has been cooking for more than 20 years, a skill he first learned from his mom.

“She wasn’t going to put any of her sons out into the world without us knowing how to cook, clean, iron and basically take care of ourselves,” Greg said.

He said he always likes to try cooking new things and experimenting–in fact, his cheesecake was a new recipe. “You can kind of cook how you feel, and to your taste,” he said.

Greg had his family on hand to help him serve his tasty treat, including sons Darius, 15, Isaiah, 13, his daughter Jenae, 2, and wife Melody.

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