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Habitat home means no more moving for Elena, Luis & family

When you’re raising a family, stable housing means so much. It means your children don’t have to constantly change schools. It means they can forge lasting friendships, and not always have to be the “new kid.” It means parents can build relationships in their neighborhood and become part of a strong community.

For Elena and Luis, stable housing was an impossible challenge, until now. Throughout their time together as a family, they have had to move, on average, once a year—all in the search for housing that was both affordable and safe.

In fact, just in the two years since being accepted into Habitat’s homeownership program, the family had to move multiple times. While living in an overcrowded apartment with asbestos, the landlord sold the property—and gave them a week’s notice to move. Elena and Luis found transitional housing for a few months, then moved again, to a two-bedroom apartment in Davidson that, with utilities, cost them $1,200 a month.

Thanks to a partnership with Our Towns Habitat for Humanity and their home sponsor, Thomas, Godley and Grimes, this family will have no more fears of living in a home might make them sick, and no more worries about suddenly having nowhere to live. Elena and Luis worked side by side volunteers from Thomas, Godley and Grimes, along with many of the firm’s real estate clients, to build a stable new home for their family.

As they dedicated their home recently, Elena told friends and family gathered to celebrate with her that the Habitat model was important to her because it offered a way to show her children what can be accomplished with hard work, as well as the importance of giving back to others.

More than 30 families are currently on our waiting list to build and purchase their own affordable home. Your support through a gift today can help them get there.