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The World I See

August is always such a busy month! In our home, August is also a special month filled with cake, ice cream, friends and presents. On August 7th, my daughter Molly turned 8 years old, and she’ll soon start third grade.

While most 8 year olds may be busy playing video games or riding bikes, Molly (like Belle, the princess she most loves) tends to have her nose stuck in a book. If not, she can be found writing her very own books complete with preface and author’s note.

Her latest book is titled “The World I See.”
In it, she talks about the world she sees: a world where people fight and argue with one another, a world where innocent people get hurt or even killed, and a world where so many children go to bed hungry. She then tries to imagine the kind of world God dreams to see: a world absent of chaos and hate, a world where innocent people go unharmed, and a world where the hungry have plenty to eat. Finally, the author’s note concludes: “Being a human isn’t easy. If you try to change the world…you will. And others will follow. I’m Molly and I won’t let anything stop me.”

At Our Towns Habitat, our vision is a God-sized vision: our vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. This vision is the heart of our work and the goal toward which we and our partners strive every single day. In the Old Testament, as far back as Genesis 12:3, God calls Abraham to leave his home, his family, everything he has ever known and go to an unknown land. As part of this radical call, God makes three promises to Abraham. First, Abraham will be given land, a land that God will show him. Second, Abraham and his family will become a great nation. And lastly, God says to Abraham, “in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” All the families, everyone, will be blessed by the faithfulness and righteousness of Abraham. Everyone.

In the New Testament, Jesus is found time and again eating and drinking, healing, and forgiving those who were considered the worst of the worst. Jesus ministers to everyone, regardless of age, race or nation, everyone.

Alan Hirsch, leader in the missional church movement, is known for writing, “It’s not so much that the church has a mission, it’s that the mission of God has a church.” The mission of God is loose in the world precisely because of the love of God for everyone. God’s mission of love, of service, of humility, of Kingdom building on earth as it is in heaven,–isn’t that the kind of world we long to see?

One home at a time, one family at a time, one board at a time, even one nail at a time, with every dollar so generously given and with every volunteer who steps foot on a build site, this is the world we are helping to build: a world where everyone has a decent place to live. By working together, and with the help of God, we can indeed change the world.

New Habitat ReStore coming to Statesville

STATESVILLE, NC–Our Towns Habitat for Humanity plans to open a third Habitat ReStore in Statesville by the end of the year. (more…)

Elevation Love Week demonstrates God’s love in action

Elevation Church’s Love Week is seven days out of every year dedicated to service, compassion and giving. The congregation partners with more than 200 charities to donate time and effort to those who need it most.

Love Week 2017 began on July 22 and will end July 29, and Elevation Church has once again partnered with Our Towns Habitat for Humanity to aid us in building homes and renewing hope in our communities.

This year, Elevation Church graciously donated $50,000 to Our Towns Habitat. By volunteering on build sites, church staff and members can see their donation at work.

“It’s great to see it in action,” said Elevation staff member Valerie Hunter, who was volunteering for the staff build day. “This is what my money is going toward.”

It’s worth getting your hands dirty to serve God by building a home for a family in need, she said.

“In church, we give our resources, but using your hands and feet is a whole new step,” Valerie said.

Staff member Roseanna Parker has participated in other Elevation Love Week events before, but today was her first Habitat for Humanity build.

“It’s our responsibility to serve our community; this is our calling,” she said.

Being active in your faith by physically serving people in your local communities through Habitat for Humanity proves to be a humbling and rewarding experience.

“You can look at a finished house and say, ‘I helped build that house,’” Elevation staff member Jeremy Fiske said. “It’s an easy and tangible way to be the hands and feet of God.”

The hands-on service of Elevation Church members this week, with Our Towns Habitat and its other partner charities, is a perfect example of the Habitat mission–seeking to put God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Come be a part of something greater by volunteering with Our Towns Habitat. Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page or contact Volunteer Program Manager Cathy Petriano for more information. Learn more about Elevation Church’s Love Week here.

About The Author: Madison Seals is a rising sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she is majoring in Editing and Graphic Design. She has been a volunteer with Our Towns Habitat for Humanity from a young age, supporting the organization through fundraising efforts before she was even old enough to volunteer on a build site.