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July 13, 2016

Home is Where the Kitchen is

When Sabrina and her two sons—Tracy, 19, and Tresean, 17—move into their new Habitat home, there’s likely to be a lot of tempting aromas wafting out of the new kitchen. Tracy, who graduates this Saturday from Mooresville High, will be studying culinary arts this fall at Johnson & Wales. He loves to bake just about anything, and is something of a sushi chef, so the family kitchen is sure to be a busy place.

Sabrina’s family has been living in a subsidized apartment for 11 years, with Sabrina paying rent that kept increasing to an unaffordable rate and the boys sharing a bedroom. They are all looking forward to having their own space—the brothers already have plans for how they will set up their rooms.

Sabrina, Tracy and Tresean, a junior at Mooresville High who is interested in studying sports medicine, all worked together to put in their sweat equity hours and build their new home. They fit in construction hours into their work schedules—Sabrina is a graphic designer at Logo Nation and the boys work at Groucho’s Deli in Mooresville.

“The hardest thing was getting up on Saturday mornings,” Sabrina admits, “but it was worth it.” She and the boys have learned a lot of new skills along the way—her favorite being installing insulation.

Sabrina came to Our Towns Habitat for Humanity after she learned that a friend’s daughter had partnered with Habitat to buy an affordable home. After nearly two years of waiting, Sabrina is ready to stop paying too-high rent and is looking to “having something that’s going to be mine,” she said.

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