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The Youth House

Young people of varied ages came together to make this home possible!

Special thanks to the Habitat partners and volunteers who made the Youth House possible including Community School of Davidson Middle and High Schools, Mooresville High School, Birkdale Village Breakfast with Santa, Lake Norman High School, Cannon School, Davidson Day School, Hough High School, Lake Norman Charter Middle School, Langtree Charter Middle School, Davidson College, Central United Methodist Confirmation Class, and our Collegiate Challenge spring break teams from Ohio Northern University, Brearley School, and Catholic University of America. Your work and dedication are amazing!

Special thanks to the dedicated weekday volunteer crew and all the Habitat volunteers, staff and Americorps team who took part in building this home.

Meet Rebecca Releford

Homeowner RebeccaRebecca Releford signed her partnership papers with Habitat on August 19, 2014. Rebecca is a single mother who was born in Dallas Texas and spent much of her childhood moving to different places in Arkansas.

She moved to Charlotte in 2000 and works in residential and commercial cleaning and is eager to get her license to become a nail technician once she’s settled in her new home. She is so thankful to Lareka Knox, Our Towns Habitat Director of Family Services who helped guide her in our program to meet all the Habitat requirements.

“I learned so much being part of Habitat homeowner process and grew as a person. I  loved learning how to build homes and want to continue to serve Habitat as a volunteer. I am grateful to the great people who helped me through this process, ” remarks Rebecca.

Rebecca Releford invested time and sweat to make her new home a reality for herself and her family . She attended 8 life skills classes on personal finances, budgeting, home maintenance, fire safety and more. Plus, she worked 400 hours of sweat equity building her home as well as other Habitat homes under construction. Rebecca will assume a Habitat, no interest mortgage that she will be responsible for each month along with maintaining the home and meeting Habitat for Humanity standards for being a good citizen.

Our Towns Habitat + Habitat Charlotte

Growing strong together & creating a more powerful force for affordable housing.